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Parution du livre "Applications of Quantum Dynamics in Chemistry"

par Maxence LEPERS - publié le , mis à jour le

Ce nouveau livre, paru chez Springer, compte parmi ses auteurs des membres du GDR (voir annonce en anglais ci-dessous).

A new book entitled "Applications of Quantum Dynamics in Chemistry" written by Fabien Gatti, Benjamin Lasorne, Hans-Dieter Meyer and André Nauts has been published in the series "Lectures Notes in Chemistry" (Springer).

This book explains the usage and application of Molecular Quantum Dynamics, the methodology where both the electrons and the nuclei in a molecule are treated with quantum mechanical calculations. The reader learns how to apply example simulations with the Heidelberg MCTDH program package (Multi Configuration Time Dependent Hartree calculations). Readers can thus obtain the tools to run their own simulations and apply them to their problems.

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